Various items used by the Marines throughout the series.

WFAF Medal of Honor.

WFAF Medal of Honor, this medal was awarded to West, as seen in "Eyes". West Turns down the medal, stating "I'd rather have the truth than the medal".

Helmet Camera.

"Stunt" Helmet Camera, used throughout the series.

Marine Dress Ribbon Racks.

Marine dress ribbon racks, used in the last quarter of the series.

Hammerhead Bomb.

Hammerhead bomb, this prop can be seen in the U.S.S. Saratoga hangar when McQueen is doing sit ups, as seen in "The Angriest Angel".

C670 Timed Demo Pack.

"Hero" C670 timed demo pack, this demo pack has a static light up counter that is set at 10:00 minutes. As seen in "Level of Necessity" and "Toy Soldiers".

Radio Controlled Explosives.

Radio activated high explosives, the prop has a torch inside, when the endcap is turned the torch shines through a red filter, as seen in "Dear Earth".

Oxygen Pack O2 Monitor.

"Hero" oxygen pack O2 monitor, as seen in "The Dark Side of the Sun".

Sheathed M-9 Bayonet (K-Bar).

Sheathed M-9 Baynet, used throughout the series.


Sextant and Case, used by Wang in "River of Stars".