Miscellaneous items used in the series.

Wests' Photo Necklace.

Photo necklace given to Nathan by Kylen in the Pilot episode, used throughout the series.

Chig Foosball Player Crew Gift.


Chig foosball player, mounted to a heavy brass base, given to members of the crew as a gift, comes in various colours.


Invetro Platoon Uniform.

Invetro platoon uniform, used in "Dear Earth" when McQueen is being interviewed in the flashback scenes (Jacket and Trousers).

Icarus Miners Coveralls.

Icarus Miners Coveralls, used in "The Dark Side Of The Sun".

Foosball Player Casts.


Chig and Marine foosball player casts as seen aboard the U.S.S Saratoga in the Tun Tavern.

McQueen "Battle Of The Belt" Award.


Chig Foosball Player Mold.


Used to create the Chig foosball players for the Tun Tavern foosball table aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga.