I am always looking for new items to add to my collection, if you have any items for sale please get in touch via the contact page.


Please see below for a list of some of the items that I am currently looking for:


Marine Boots.

Marine Belt Pouches.

Marine Gloves (Leather or Nomex).

Marine Helmet Hoses.

Marine Night Vision Goggles.

Chig Pistol.

Chig Grenade.

Chig Machete.

Chig Embryo.

Chig Scanner.

Chig Flame Thrower.


Tellus Colonist ID Badge.

Tellus Colonist Flight Suit.

U.S.S. Eisenhower Crew Cap.

M590 Rifle Hero Light Up Screen.

Battle Of The Belt Medal.

Pearly APC Battery.

Pearly APC Manual.



The pictures in this gallery belong to other collectors, if they are your images and you would like me to remove the please send me a message.